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Find your rums in the database

A constantly growing database awaits you with more than 6600 entries of well-known bottlers like Velier, Compagnie des Indes, Clément, J. Bally und Plantation. In addition to general information, you will also receive detailed information about the manufacturing process. This saves you the time and effort of researching and entering the data. Of course, you can also add rare single cask rums manually.

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Fill and manage your digital collection

With just one click you can transfer rums from the database to your private collection. Indicate which of your bottles are still closed, currently open or already emptied. This way you always have an overview of your collection.
Rums that you would like to try or buy soon can be noted on your wishlist. You can also record rums that you have tried out of home, e.g. in a bar or with friends.

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Taste your rums

Capture your taste impressions digitally while tasting. For a perfect tasting experience you will be guided step by step through the individual tasting phases like in a professional tasting. You decide how detailed you want to capture your aromatic impressions. If needed, tips will help you to describe your sensations.

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View your tasting notes

You can have a look at your tasting notes at any time. Therefore, your tasting impressions will be visualized in a summary. So you always know which rums you have already tasted and how you liked them.
Your data will be synchronized to all your devices and can be exported in CSV format.

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Share your tastings with the community

Let other rum lovers participate in your tastings by publishing your tasting notes in the feed. Your collection will remain private. Be inspired by the tastings of others in the feed. Distribute and collect Likes.

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Get personalized recommendations

Rum Tasting Notes uses artificial intelligence to recommend new rums you'll love. The algorithm generates suggestions based on your tasting notes and the rums in your collection. The more rums you rated, the better the suggestions will be.

Why you will love rum tasting notes ❤

  1. More time to enjoy
  2. Rum Tasting Notes relieves you of unnecessary work and supports you with a smart user interface in your natural tasting flow. This gives you more time to taste and enjoy.

  3. Taste like a pro
  4. The app accompanies you through the entire tasting. It guides you through the areas of appearance, nosing, taste, finish and overall impression. This way you can discover all aspects of your rum and record your impressions in a structured way.

  5. As individual as you are
  6. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, prefer French rums or Spanish ones, have little time or want to capture every detail - Rum Tasting Notes adapts to your needs.

  7. User experience that inspires
  8. In order to offer you the best possible experience, we develop Rum Tasting Notes as a native iOS app. We work user-centric and use the latest technologies such as cloud synchronization, force-touch and spotlight search.

  9. From rum lovers - for rum lovers
  10. Rum Tasting Notes was developed with a lot of heart, soul and know-how for you. So that you will love Rum Tasting Notes in the future, we work every day to make the app even better.

About the developer

I'm Oliver Gerhardt, a passionate software developer from Stuttgart. Since I was tired of managing my rum collection and tasting notes in boring Excel sheets, I've developed Rum Tasting Notes for the iOS platform. Of particular importance to me was an intuitive user interface that allows me to capture my tasting impressions quickly and easily. In order to make adding new rums even more comfortable, I've built up a database that additionally provides transparent information about the rums' manufacturing processes.
Do you have any suggestions or feedback? I am looking forward to hearing from you! CHEERS!